Top 10 Food Recipes Sites

  1. Operated by Conde Nast, publishers of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines, Epicurious is a treasure trove of fabulous recipes. Search recipes by name (like "chocolate cake") and refine those searches by ingredients. Or, browse dish categories and menus for ideas. You'll also find cooking articles and forums.
  2. The archives of t.v.'s The Food Network, this website has recipes and video clips from television shows, a good search feature, plus the ability to browse recipes by chef, show, season, and type.
  3. Perhaps the easiest recipe website to navigate, this site allows you to browse major types of dishes (like "pork recipes" or "kid-friendly recipes"), lets you search for recipes by ingredient, has an interactive recipe exchange area, plus sections on holiday and healthy cooking.
  4. If you're looking for recipes from the world's top chefs and want gourmet ideas you can really use at home, Gourmandia is for you. Search for recipes by name or click links for broad categories of food (like "chocolate dessert recipes"). You'll also find information about fine restaurants and videos of great chefs showing you their stuff.
  5. A good basic recipe website, Recipezaar allows you to search by recipe name, browse menus, and view entirely reprinted cookbooks.
  6. If you like the simplicity of Cooks magazine, you'll love You'll find basic, step by step articles (such as "How to Cook a Ham"), as well as browsing categories, a search feature, and cooking time charts.
  7. If you like the idea of recreating Kentucky Fried Chicken or Applebee's Honey Grilled Salmon at home, you'll have lots of fun at TopSecretRecipes. None of the recipes here are stolen; it takes time and experimentation to figure out these clones. Search by brand (such as "Cracker Barrel" or "Taco Bell"), or dish name.
  8. Thousands of great high-end homestyle recipes, tips, articles, and kid-friendly ideas are found at CDKitchen. Browse by type of dish, or use the search feature. You can even submit your own recipes.
  9. Here you'll find forums, wine guides, shopping information about specific foods (like cheese and coffee), and of course lots of recipes.
  10. For beginning and intermediate home chefs, this site is a wealth of how to information and recipes. Learn about proper cooking tools, the best ingredients, cooking techniques, and more.