Tips for Decorating Your Kitchen Cottage Style

A cottage kitchen is light and airy. Windows can make a cottage kitchen light and open. Small pane windows add cottage flavor and make for nice light in a cottage kitchen. Curtain and drapes are not necessary in a cottage kitchen so avoid where it is possible.

A butchers block with a nice cutting board on top is not only handy it is also pretty. You can get a butcher block counter that can roll around the kitchen for added convenience.

Pots and pans made from shiny stainless steel can be hung on the walls as useful decoration in a cottage kitchen. Have an assigned spot for each pan to hang for a more efficient kitchen. A tea kettle made of enamel or stainless steel can be a useful decoration that sits on top of the stove.

Plants can take up valuable space in a cottage kitchen but they can also add to the beauty and function. You can have some potted herbs in a cottage kitchen like basil, oregano, and sage. Then when you need the herbs they will be nearby and pretty in a cottage kitchen.

Countertops that are made of wood or stainless steel are functional and pretty in a cottage kitchen. When taken care of properly these countertops can be beautiful and last a long time.

A rack of utensils hanged near the stove where they can be easily used when cooking can be pretty and convenient in a cottage kitchen. You can have stainless steel spoons, spatulas, and knives where you can reach them easily when you are cooking.

Tiles on the floors and walls look great and are very functional in a cottage kitchen. Glazed tiles can be shiny and they can be cleaned easy when they get dirty. Tile may be somewhat more expensive to install then other types of flooring but they look nice and last a long time.

Wooden bowls are practical and functional in a cottage kitchen. You can leave them sitting out on the counter when they are not in use and they will look like part of the cottage d├ęcor. You can store fruit in the wooden bowls like grapes, apples and peaches and the fruit can easily be snacked on. The bowls can also sit empty for those times when you want to use them to whip up a batch of cookies. A jar of wooden spoons and spatulas can also be left near the stove and used for cooking.